Residential Air Conditioning

Split Mid-Wall Air Conditioner

Aircon Installations, Repairs and Maintenance

We offer different sizes ranging from 9000Btu to as high as 36000btu varying as per different models by different manufacturers, available in the usual non -inverter and the new inverter models to suit your varying desires.

The different size mid-wall unit will depend on the actual size of the room in which its use is needed.

A room fitted with a wrongly sized unit will still fail to satisfy even though the unit is working correctly.

A room with either an under-sized or over sized unit will surely have vast problems which will definitely lead in the pre-mature failure of the unit hence the need for proper load calculation by a qualified technician.

With electricity prices hiking, the inverter mid-wall is the best choice to enjoy climate control at reasonably low prices.

Not only is the inverter split very reasonably priced, but thanks to its technologically-advanced design it also uses up to 40% less electricity than conventional air conditioners.

Available in Ivory and Mirror designs.

Cassette Air Conditioner

Aircon Installations, Repairs and Maintenance

We also supply a variety of cassette air conditioning units for the home as well for the variety of taste out there. Also available in both the inverter and non-inverter models.

A cassette Air conditioning unit can serve a greater surface area compared to a mid-wall as it will have 3 to 4 conditioned air outlets depending on the requested design hence much more suitable for the living room or open plan dining room and kitchen.

The control mechanism can either be a wired wall mounted one or the usual infrared mobile remote control

Console Air Conditioning Units

Console Air Conditioning Installations, Repairs and Maintenance

Console aircons, also known as window air conditioners, are typically installed in the walls of homes and offices where spaces are provided and they contain all components in 1 unit.

These air conditioning units are hence easier to install and could even be installed by the owner, however we will always recommend to rather call us to assist you with this process.


Easy installation.

Lower installation fees.

Less expensive-these units can often be 40% cheaper upfront.


More energy consumption.

More noise emission

Higher security risk-the aircons can be stolen easily as they are one unit only.

More intricate maintenance due to all components being inside one unit.

Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Portable Air Conditioning Installations, maintenance & Repairs

Improve your comfort zone with eco friendly portable free standing air conditioning.

Our technicians will simply install a duct from the unit to the outside world and your climate will be what you desire it to.