Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems Repairs and Maintenance

We repair all types of domestic refrigerators on site in the comfort of your home while you look on.

We specialize on the following types of units:

Bar fridges, fridge freezer units, side by side fridge freezer units, fridges, freezers, chest freezers, under counter fridges, visi cooler display fridges, bottle coolers, vending machine fridges and many more.

Common problems experienced by clients :

*Dead unit.

*Unit switches on but does not cool.

*Unit cools only the fridge part but not the freezer.

*Unit only cools on the freezer but not the fridge section.

*Fridge drips water on the inside.

*Fridge freezes even when the thermostat is on it’s lowest.

*Fridge trips power as soon as it’s switched on.

*Fridge runs but does not cool.

*Fridge makes a loud noise when running.


Cold-rooms Repairs and Maintenance

A cold-room is a room ranging from as small as 6 square meters to as big as 400 square meters with temperatures ranging from about 5 degrees to as low as -10 degrees and used to store various items with different temperature needs..

Common faults include:

*Blower runs but unit does not cool .

*Blower freezes but unit does not cool.

*Blower fans not turning.

*Blower drips water.

*Cold room door does not close.

*Cold room seal damaged.

*Cold room trips when powered.

*Cold room runs but not meeting set temperature demands.

Freezer Rooms

Freezer Rooms Installations, Repairs and Maintenance

A freezer room ranging from as low as 6 square meters to as big as 400 square meters and above with the need to keep a certain set low temperature from -20 degrees up to as low as -40 degrees celcius.

Maintenance is key to keeping a sustainable life-long operation.

Common faults.

*Unit powered but no cooling detected.

*Blower freezes but unit does not cool.

*Blower fans not running.

*Blower drips water.

*Freezer room door freezes and fails to open.

*Damaged door seals causes frost to form on freezer room contents.

*Some or all blower fans not turning.

*Freezer room not closing

*Freezer room runs but contents are defrosting.

Mortuary rooms and cabinets.

Mortuaries work on the very same basis as cold rooms and regular maintenance is crucial to keeping each unit in a satisfactory working order.

Supermarket Refrigeration.

Multiplex Refrigeration System.

Multiplex refrigeration systems make use of multiple refrigeration compressors which are piped with common suction and discharge refrigeration lines..

Spaceman ice cream machines.

Sales repairs and maintenance of Space man ice cream machines. Available in both single phase and 3 phase models. Single phase machines available in stand-alone and table top as well.

Please call for any enquiries, our service team is ready to assist in all your technical needs