Frequently Asked Questions


1Why is My Air Conditioner Not Switching On?
Check to see that its powered right up to the DB . If you still don’t come right give us a call for a quote.
2My Air Con Trips Power Every Time I Switch It On.
Immediately call us the professionals to inspect and give you a quote on repair.
3My aircon leaks water after some of operation in cooling
Try clearing your drain pipe by blowing at the exit point, If after trying and problem is still not solved, we will come through to assist you in no time
4My aircon only blows fan air, but I can hear the outside unit running
You will need to call us for a repair quote as you might need a service. Remember for best results your air conditioning unit will need to serviced regularly as a dirty aircon will strain the performance of the compressor and will cause sickness to the users too.
5Is your aircon flushing any errors?
If so we will inspect it for you and will have your problem solved in no time.